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SPINDERSON video link: "Too Nice Tonight"

SPINDERSON video link: "Sadistic"

SPINDERSON video link "Everytime You Lie"

Andy Spitson

Welcome back to Spinderson's website, although the original band is in extended hiatus, our original members, Andy Spitson and Blaine Sinderson are out doing other things.

  ANDY SPITSON moved to Nashville in December of 2013 to pursue his songwriting and further his career in the music industry. Since being there he has performed at SXSW with the band "The Decadence" and formed another band called "The Gloss" in the winter of 2015-16. Currently he is writing and co-writing songs for future release and playing a few acoustic shows.

Andy has two solo CD's, his debut solo acoustic CD: "Loves Not A Tough Start" which was released in June of 2006, and his second CD: "All Eyes On You" which is a full band rock CD, that was released in May 2008. On the second CD, Andy plays all the instruments except the Drums and does all the vocals.

The song, "No Place Like Your Heart" off the "All Eyes On You" CD won the 2009 Song Of The Year at the "RAMI Awards" , Rockford Area Music Industry.


Andy's Website

Here's a link to a song from "The Decadence" with Andy on lead guitar.

Another song by "The Decadence"

BLAINE SINDERSON  is recording his own music you can check out on his ReverbNation site or his 34 site.
Blaine has gone from "Spinderson" to "Little Blue Taxi" to "M28" back to "Spinderson" as both drummer and bass player, onto "Gondo" & "ANM"

Blaine Sinderson

If you know Blaine you also know he is known as 34, so check out his MrThirtyFour website here.

Or...His ReverbNation site.

Check out more videos on You Tube by clicking here.

Here's some video of "M28" the band both Blaine & Andy were in with Matthew Johnson. "Toy Soldier"

More "M28" video "Living Water"

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